It’s a pleasure to see you looking at our website. This is the about page and I’m not necessarily sure what you want to find here because most folks have different reasons for visiting this page.

For this, I’ll provide you some information about myself and the explanation why I made the choice to create this site. It’s always about my passion because I always like to share my knowledge concerning the subjects that I love. When you know me personally, you will undoubtedly agree with this.

One of the topics that I love to share is something connected with computers in some way and other ‘techy’ things. When you know concerning the Commodore 64, it was when I began my relationship with computers.

Most of you might think that I’m already too old, but it won’t change the fact that my experience and knowledge when it comes to computers can just be compared to a couple of people.

The world of coding and programming was really opened to me because of the Commodore 67 and I am using an old audio cassette recorder as my memory. I know that some of you do not know about this, but audio cassette recorders became a storage device in the past.

I also became a self-taught encoder and programmer and I learned plenty of programming languages like PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript to name a few and they’re mastered to the best of my ability.

I have been using Windows ever since because I always would like to try something different once in a while. Apple is pretty challenging because they’ve always kept everything about their operating system a secret. I have grown to enjoy helping folks who wish to master the computer, programming and coding. Nowadays, computers aren’t only used for playing since it may be used for lots of things.

My parents are already in their 70s and I can use them as the best example of how people have embraced this new technology. They generally seek out questions and answers, watch videos, edit photos and use emails and social media. It has become an important part of their life. However, my son, who is already 10 years old, has been really comfortable in accessing computer technology for the past 3 or 4 years. It’s always great to see him use his phone, tablet or laptop pc to do his homework, play games and watch some videos.

I’m sure that at this time, you already get the whole reason why I am fascinated with computer technology and the other topics related to this. This is also the reason why I made this blog. I wish to reach as many other folks as feasible who also share the same passion as me. If I can help people with their concerns, enjoyment and fascination about the world of computers, it means that my time is wisely spent on this blog. If you need me for anything with regards to computer-related topics, you should inform me right away. You could always drop an email or you can also leave a comment to my blog posts because I’m always reading them.